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About Tuusula

Introducing the Tuusula Side Table, a tribute to the renowned designer Paavo Tynell, born in 1890, who left an indelible mark on the world of lighting design with his iconic Luminous Spectrum. This side table pays homage to Tynell's groundbreaking work, which transformed lamps into an essential aspect of everyday life. Paavo Tynell's legacy is particularly associated with the town of Tuusula, the place of his passing. In creating the Tuusula Side Table, we draw a deep connection to this location, celebrating Tynell's contributions to design and illuminating spaces with his innovative and timeless creations. Immerse yourself in the Tuusula Side Table, where the spirit of Paavo Tynell's Luminous Spectrum is translated into contemporary design. Let this piece serve as a reminder of the brilliance of Tynell's work and its enduring influence on the world of lighting and design.

W:    56cm 22.05"
D:   55cm 21.65"
H:   47cm 18.50"