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W:    40cm 15.75"
D:   40cm 15.75"
H:   46cm 18.11"

About Tabacalera

Introducing the Tabacalera Collection, a design inspired by the monumental architecture of the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City. This iconic structure commemorates the Mexican Revolution and stands as the tallest triumphal arch in the world, soaring to a height of 67 meters. Located in the bustling "Plaza de la República," at the intersection of the city's main thoroughfares, "Paseo de la Reforma" and "Avenida de los Insurgentes," it is a symbol of historical significance. The Tabacalera Collection draws inspiration from the four main columns of the Monument to the Revolution and its distinctive dome. Each piece in the collection reflects the grandeur and architectural elegance of this iconic monument, bringing a touch of Mexican history and culture into contemporary design. Immerse yourself in the Tabacalera Collection, where the spirit of the Monument to the Revolution becomes an integral part of your living space. With its design mirroring the strength and resilience embodied in the monument's structure, this collection pays homage to the rich history of Mexico City and its enduring landmarks.