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W:    38cm 14.96"
D:   38cm 14.96"
H:   40cm 15.75"

About Nakatsu

Introducing the Nakatsu Stool, a design inspired by the intricate art of Origami and its captivating folds. This stool pays homage to Nakatsu, the birthplace of Ihara Saikaku, a classical Japanese poet credited with the earliest recorded mention of origami dating back to 1680. Drawing inspiration from the delicate and precise folds of origami pieces, the Nakatsu Stool embodies the essence of this traditional Japanese art form. Each fold tells a story, capturing the timeless beauty and craftsmanship that originated in Nakatsu. Immerse yourself in the Nakatsu Stool, where the spirit of origami and the legacy of Ihara Saikaku converge in a modern and functional design. Let this stool serve as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions that Nakatsu has contributed to the world.