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W:    392cm 154.33"
D:   216cm 85.04"
H:   76cm 29.92"
SH:   45cm 17.71"

About Lozère

Presenting the Lozère Sofa, a tribute to the picturesque villages of Languedoc-Roussillon, with Lorèze standing as a charming representation. Languedoc, often referred to as "Languedoc," is a historic coastal region in the south of France, extending from the Pyrenees mountains to the border with Spain. Renowned for its rich history, this region is a bastion of great wine production and boasts some of the purest natural landscapes in France. Inspired by the captivating beauty of Languedoc's mountains, valleys, and hills, the Lozère Sofa captures the essence of this idyllic setting. Each curve and contour reflects the undulating terrain and the organic grace of the region, translating the spirit of Languedoc into the artistry of furniture. Immerse yourself in the Lozère Sofa, where the tranquility and natural beauty of Languedoc become an integral part of your living space. With its design echoing the purest elements of nature, this sofa is not just a piece of furniture but a testament to the timeless allure of one of France's most enchanting regions.