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About Hilo

Introducing the Hilo Collection, a manifestation of the dynamic waves stirred by the Pacific Ocean near the quaint town of Hilo in Hawaii. This small village is blessed with the mesmerizing dance of the ocean, where each wave creates a unique and harmonious spectacle. Drawing inspiration from the captivating forms of these Pacific waves, we present the Hilo Sofa. Much like the individuality of each wave, every contour of this sofa is unique, echoing the organic and fluid beauty found in the natural rhythm of the ocean. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Hilo Sofa invites you to experience the essence of coastal serenity and contemporary design. Elevate your living space with the Hilo Collection, where the fluid lines and distinctive shapes of the Pacific waves converge with the artistry of modern furniture. Immerse yourself in the beauty of uniqueness, as the Hilo Sofa becomes a statement piece that mirrors the enchanting allure of Hilo's coastal landscape.

W:    329cm 129.52"
D:   126cm 49.60"
H:   92cm 36.22"
SH:   44cm 17.33"