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W:    165cm 64.96"
D:   52cm 20.47"
H:   94cm 37.00"

About Emmasingel

Presenting the Emmasingel Collection, a tribute to one of the prominent roads in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Emmasingel has earned its distinction as a noteworthy thoroughfare, boasting one of the city's most iconic buildings, "De Blob." This unique structure, crafted from a blend of glass and steel, stands as a testament to architectural innovation and creativity. Inspired by the distinctive form and modern aesthetic of "De Blob," we have brought this inspiration to life in the creation of our console. The Emmasingel Console reflects the dynamic spirit of Eindhoven, capturing the essence of its architectural marvels and contemporary design. With its sleek lines and modern silhouette, the Emmasingel Console embodies the spirit of innovation that defines the city. Elevate your living space with the Emmasingel Collection, where the fusion of form and function pays homage to the unique character of Eindhoven's architectural landscape.