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Luxury Coffee Table

Colorfully match

W:    145cm 57.10"
D:   86cm 33.86"
H:   35cm 13.78"

About Denizli

Introducing the Denizli Collection, a celebration of the enchanting city and district nestled in the southwest of Turkey. Denizli is renowned for its captivating thermal springs, with the crown jewel being Pamukkale, a Turkish tourist icon perched on a hillside adorned with mineral-rich terraces. At the heart of our inspiration is the perfect harmony between form and materials, embodied in the Denizli Coffee Table. This exquisite piece breathes sophistication and delicacy, mirroring the natural beauty and thermal richness found in the landscapes of Denizli. Much like the thermal springs that make Denizli a destination of allure, the Denizli Coffee Table invites you to experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. With each detail carefully crafted, this collection captures the essence of Denizli's charm and thermal wonders. Elevate your living space with the Denizli Collection, where the spirit of this Turkish gem finds its place in the heart of your home.