Al Shaykh
Al Shaykh

Al Shaykh

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W:    130cm 51.18"
D:   48cm
H:   52cm
SH:   52cm 20.47"

About Al Shaykh

The Al Shaykh piece represents a sublime interpretation inspired by the chalice from the Last Supper, famously known as the Holy Grail in the Catholic faith. This exclusive creation transports us to Jerusalem, more precisely to Al Shaykh, believed to be the exact location of the Last Supper. Every graceful curve and meticulous detail of this luxury furniture masterpiece reflects not only reverence for the sacred but also a pursuit of aesthetic perfection. The design incorporates symbolic elements that evoke spirituality and history, providing a truly unique experience. By acquiring Al Shaykh, you're not merely embellishing your space with a refined furniture piece; you're immersing yourself in a narrative rich in meaning and tradition. Allow this sublime creation to serve not only as a focal point in your decor but also as a tangible connection to the past, elevating the ambiance to a realm of sophistication and spirituality.