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About Badajoz

Unveiling the Badajoz Collection, our exceptional line of chairs and bar stools draws inspiration from the iconic 'Puerta de Palmas' in Badajoz, a captivating Spanish city. This magnificent monument stands adorned with two towers featuring an elegant double semicircular arch, commanding attention as it overlooks the renowned 'Puente de Palmas,' where the Guadiana River gracefully winds its way. Notably, the historical narrative of Puerta de Palmas includes a fascinating chapter where its twin towers served as a royal prison for those convicted of crimes until relatively recent times. Over the years, the gate underwent a series of redesigns, evolving in both structure and adjacent elements. Yet, throughout its storied past, it retained its essential role as a fortified entry point to the city, later transitioning into a crucial control point for customs and taxation. Our magnificent chair and bar stool collection pays homage to the architectural splendor of Puerta de Palmas, capturing the essence of its towers, arches, and the cultural tapestry embedded within its stones. Each piece invites you to immerse yourself in the rich history of Badajoz, where the legacy of Puerta de Palmas continues to echo through time. Elevate your space with the Badajoz Collection, where every seat becomes a symbol of the enduring charm and historical significance of this Spanish gem.

W:    62cm 24.40"
D:   77.9cm 30.66"
H:   75.4cm 29.68"
SH:   45cm 17.71"

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