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About Terezvaros

Introducing the Terezvaros Chair, a design inspired by the Millennium Monument that stands proudly in Budapest, Hungary. This chair serves as a tribute to the heroes of Hungary's creative tribes, with all the statues elevated to the highest point in a symbolic celebration of the nation's cultural and historical achievements. The Millennium Monument, a landmark in Terezvaros, Budapest, represents a convergence of art, history, and national pride. The Terezvaros Chair captures the essence of this monument, with each curve and detail reflecting the spirit of Hungary's creative legacy. Immerse yourself in the Terezvaros Chair, where the grandeur of the Millennium Monument becomes an integral part of your living space. Let the design transport you to the heart of Budapest, where art and history converge to create a timeless masterpiece.

W:    56cm 22.05"
D:   53cm 20.87"
H:   73cm 28.74"
SH:   47cm 18.50"