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W:    54cm 21.26"
D:   54cm
H:   70cm
SH:   48cm 18.89"

About Skopje

Introducing the Skopje Chair, a design inspired by the historic Stone Bridge, an iconic symbol of the capital and largest city in Macedonia. Skopje's Stone Bridge is not only a marvel of Roman engineering but also holds cultural significance, being the main element of the city's coat of arms and incorporated into its flag. The bridge, constructed at the behest of Sultan Mehmet II, stands as a testament to the city's rich history. The Skopje Chair captures the beautiful curves of the Stone Bridge that gracefully spans the Vardar River. Each curve in the chair design reflects the architectural elegance of the bridge, inviting the spirit of Skopje into contemporary living spaces. Immerse yourself in the Skopje Chair, where the legacy of Roman craftsmanship and Ottoman influence converges in a modern and stylish form. Let the design transport you to the banks of the Vardar River, where history and architecture come together to create a timeless masterpiece in the heart of Skopje.