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W:    60cm 23.62"
D:   55cm 21.65"
H:   74cm 29.13"
SH:   46cm 18.11"

About Gryfino

Introducing the Gryfino Collection, a tribute to the enchanting town of Gryfino in West Pomerania, Poland, where nature unfolds its peculiar wonders. Nearby lies the Crooked Forest, home to a grove of 400 uniquely-shaped pine trees. Each pine exhibits an extraordinary bend, sharply curving to the north just above ground level before gracefully returning upright after a distinctive horizontal excursion of three to nine feet (1–3 m). Inspired by the captivating beauty of these oddly-shaped pines, we present the Gryfino Armchair. With its imposing wood foot, this armchair mirrors the allure and uniqueness of the Crooked Forest. Crafted with the finest wood, fabrics, and metal, the Gryfino Armchair is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of natural elegance and contemporary design. Elevate your living room with the Gryfino Armchair, where the essence of Gryfino's Crooked Forest finds expression in the artistry of furniture. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship, making this armchair the perfect choice to infuse your living space with distinctive beauty and unparalleled comfort.