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W:    71cm 27.95"
D:   63cm
H:   83cm
SH:   43cm 16.93"

About Viana

Introducing the Viana Chair, a piece inspired by the enchanting town of Viana do Castelo, located in the north of Portugal. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lima River, Viana do Castelo is a port city with significant historical importance in northern European trade. The design of the Viana Chair draws inspiration from the town's straight streets, incorporating the distinct traces of wood reminiscent of its architectural features. Additionally, the upholstery pays homage to the famous "Santuário Nossa Senhora da Luzia," adding a touch of cultural richness to the chair. Immerse yourself in the Viana Chair, where the spirit of Viana do Castelo becomes an integral part of your living space. Let the design transport you to the coastal charm and cultural heritage of this picturesque town in northern Portugal, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere in your home.