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Luxury Armchair

Perfect for any living room

W:    89cm 35.04"
D:   87cm 34.25"
H:   96cm 37.79"
SH:   45cm 17.71"

About Nazaré

Presenting the Nazaré Armchair, a design inspired by the coastal charm of the Portuguese village of Nazaré. Nestled in the district of Leiria, with around 10,300 inhabitants, Nazaré is renowned for its cultural richness and, notably, the famous Giant Waves of Nazaré Beach. The traces of these powerful waves find expression in the Nazaré Armchair. This piece captures the dynamic and fluid nature of the ocean, offering a unique blend of comfort and coastal allure. As you sink into the embrace of the Nazaré Armchair, let the echoes of the Giant Waves transport you to the scenic beauty and maritime wonder of Nazaré. Immerse yourself in the Nazaré Armchair, where the essence of this Portuguese village becomes an integral part of your living space. With its design reflecting the ebb and flow of the sea, this armchair not only adds a touch of coastal elegance to your home but also serves as a homage to the natural wonders that make Nazaré a captivating destination.